Happy holidays

According to the paper, today is the happiest day of the year. Particularly, it would seem, this evening.

Isn’t that marvellously specific and scientific sounding? I have this picture in my head of the David Cameron Centre for Happiness Measurement, with lots of Happiness Monitors in white coats staring seriously into winking machinery, taking calibrations and writing the results down on clipboards. Yes, it’s today we’re happiest. This afternoon, about 6.37pm. Don’t miss it, because you won’t get another chance for 12 months.

(By the way, if DC hasn’t been round your way to ask you what makes you happy yet, then look out for him tonight. I expect he’s going to be FEVERISHLY busy.)

So, why today, do we think? What is it about 6th August that fills us all with searing joy, and why will it all seep away with the cold grey dawn of the 7th? Well, I guess we are several days into the summer holidays, ‘normal’ life has – for many of us – taken a break. School’s out. Parliament is in recess. A good few of us are probably just shaking off the usual routine and starting to relax into a holiday vibe.

But tomorrow….?

This is what tomorrow brings.

TODAY – you think: Sure, let’s buy a new dinghy! Yeah, that fancy one with oars! Why not?

TOMORROW – you realise you are going to have to buy a new roof box to get it home. And a new shed to keep it in when you get there.

TODAY – you finally give in and take the children to PrincessLand. Well, you have those two for one offers. And because you can’t be bothered making a picnic you buy everyone lunch. And tea. And everyone talks you into buying a PrincessLand souvenir – well, you’ll only go once right? (YOU WISH.)

TOMORROW – you make the mistake of checking your balance at the ATM (somehow all the cash seems to have WHOOSHED out of your purse without you noticing) and the raw numbers right there on the screen make you have to go and sit on a bench for a while with your head between your knees.

TODAY – the sun shines, all day and you think – well, it might rain tomorrow. I don’t want to go home white after all. And factor 30, I mean that’s ridiculous. This is only Devon, not the Bahamas.

TOMORROW – when you walk down to Boots to get some aftersun, parents point you out to their children as a cautionary example: ‘THAT’S what happens if you don’t wear your hat!’

TODAY – you think, well I’m on holiday. Why shouldn’t I have an ice cream? You only live once. It’s so BORING when people deny themselves nice things to eat.

TOMORROW – you realise you have put on so much weight since the start of the holidays that the only thing that still fits you to wear is that vile tie-dye sarong that you bought on that beach in Corfu last year for 5 euros.

TODAY – you finish your last book, closing it with a satisfying thud. Ah, good. Now I don’t have anything else to read, I can start really enjoying this holiday, chatting to my family and maybe playing games?

TOMORROW – after the third game of Top Trumps ends in screeching violence, you go to the local convenience store and pay 15 euros for a faded copy of a Jilly Cooper with a bent cover that you have quite possibly read before.

TODAY – you think, God it’s SO nice to have the children off school. SO good to be out of the routine! That’s what makes us ratty with each other, the daily grind. Maybe I should give up work and home educate them? That would be very rewarding.

TOMORROW – you start googling Boarding Schools.

So, enjoy today. Happiness can be so fleeting, can’t it?

But don’t worry. Only 141 days till Christmas.

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