about me

I have been writing all my life for fun and the love of it, but a few years ago I started writing and didn’t stop until I finished a novel six weeks later – this was ‘A Dead Polar Bear on a Sledge’, a funny and sweet story of Jen, a women in her late thirties stuck ‘in a village by mistake’ trying to cope with infidelity, loneliness and finding love in all the wrong places. My second book, Cover Version, is a fun and light-hearted contemporary romance and a bit more of a wish-fulfillment. I recently started a third novel, again in the contemporary romance genre. 

For more information on my books please visit alisonlane.co.uk

I work as a secondary school teacher and I have to fit my writing around work, children, family life and volunteering in the community – but I think you always find time for what you love.

And I love telling these stories, and letting these (flawed, funny, annoying, human) characters live and breathe for a few hundred pages. It’s a hard thing to let your creations live out in the world, but it’s exciting too. I hope you have as much fun reading as I did writing them.

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