See no evil

Shortly after posting about how tiresome it is to be a woman when you get blamed for everything from the fall from the Garden of Eden to wasting water when shaving your legs, I came across this rather relevant story from the Irish Catholic:

‘A Wexford priest has said that Irish society does not want to hear the politically incorrect truth about child sexual abuse in Ireland which is that “there is another category of people that will match the failure of the bishops, and probably surpass it (my emphasis); the wives and mothers of Ireland, not exclusively wives and mothers but far too many who failed miserably to deal with the abuse of their children by other family members.”

Writing in this week’s Irish Catholic newspaper, Fr Paddy Banville of Ferns Diocese says a significant percentage of the population are implicated in the cover-up of abuse.’


I would like to sum up what I think of Fr Banville’s opinions on this subject but, as we say in the law, Res Ipse Loquitur: let the thing speak for itself. I have nothing more to add.

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