On holiday, on purpose

With characteristic lack of foresight, I have started my blog just before I am due to go on a singing tour to Dublin for four days. Honestly, there’s no excuse for me. I shall attempt to blog on my little mobile device for lo, I have an app. And that is something I never thought I’d say.

In the meantime, here’s something from Withnail on the subject of the countryside:

Withnail: [sees a sign warning about accidents] These aren’t accidents! They’re THROWING themselves into the road gladly! THROWING themselves into the road to escape all this hideousness! Throw yourself into the road, darling! You haven’t got a chance!

And lastly, for now:

Withnail: Are you the farmer?

Marwood: Shut up, I’ll deal with this.

Withnail: We’ve gone on holiday by mistake. We’re in this cottage here. Are you the farmer?

Marwood: Stop saying that Withnail, of course he’s the ******* farmer!

(PS If you happen to be in Dublin this weekend, come and hear us sing. Just follow the crowds…)

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