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  1. Helen says:

    Losing your phone is only 12th in your list of protocols. What on earth could the first 11 be?

  2. Tasha says:

    A timely post, as I rewatch the BtVS series and consider this very topic. Hard to imagine that mobile technology had not yet reached ubiquity when this show was on: it was only a couple of years ago, right??

    On one hand, the necessity of mobiles seems quite plain; they’re always running around exclaiming “we have to warn Buffy!” If they had mobiles, they could just ring her up with “Hey Buffy, the demon’s power is IN HIS EYES.” I’m sure there would be an app for that. Giles and Willow would probably design it together.

    That said, it would detract from the just-in-the-nick-of-time suspense. Not to mention the disasters that could befall them if the gang become too reliant on this form of communication and Buffy were as likely to lose her phone as you are. Which she would be. Because you’re pretty much the same person.

  3. Louise Graham says:

    Agh, just typed it and it went :irritating:

    My son has a button on the side of his phone that when pressed makes a fake call to you! So it gets you out of awkward / boring / whatever situations. It’s genius and I want one!

  4. number6 says:

    H, the first eleven are all: Quick, H is coming, pretend to be out.
    Tasha I am SO having that on my gravestone…. RIP Number6: She was Buffy, basically.
    Louise I agree … how incredibly useful that would be and I want one too… though these days I can excuse myself from dull situations by saying, Oh do excuse me I have to go and write my blog… it’s very handy.

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